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Who We Are


Kevin Rodrigo


Hector Rudea

Vice Presidents

Victor Borges


Kyle O´Grady


Sherman Charles



Gregg Solomon

Recording Secretary.


Ash Kamel



David Bork

Special Advisor


Klaus Whitney

Special Advisor


Jose Carlos Rivero

Director of Instruction

David Bork

Director of Assessments

Patrick Violette

Chapter NRP Liaison


Director of Strategic Programs

Rolando Rosales

Director of Public Information

Kyle O'Grady & Horea Albu

Director of Social Media

Rafael Martiez & Tyler McElhinney

Director of Strategic Recruiting


Patrick Violette


Victoria Catanzaro

Women's Programs

Kyle O'Grady & Horea Albu

Social Media


Lev Dashev

Special Events

Sergio Vasile

Membership Awards

The Rockland Westchester Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (RWISOA) is the largest NISOA Chapter in New York State (NISOA Region 2), and the surrounding New York City Metro area. We are an organization of soccer officials which trains, certifies and provides qualified soccer referees for the college soccer community within 200 miles from either Rockland, Westchester or Putnam County.
The mission of RWISOA as a NISOA Chapter is to assist in the development of soccer as a major sport in the United States and to improve the quality of officiating at the college level.
Our goals are:
  • To promote and maintain the highest degree of soccer officiating by following a standard set of mechanics, a uniform interpretation, and a consistent administration of the rules of soccer as set forth on the collegiate and high school levels.* To have available at all times an adequate number of thoroughly trained and capable officials.
  • To cooperate with organizations and institutions officially related to the game of soccer in furthering its interests and details.
  • To assign only members of this association who are properly certified, trained and registered as a NISOA member.
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   RWISOA -NISOA National Referees
  • David Bork - National Referee
  • Mike Godi- National Referee
  • Ash Kamel - National Referee
  • Kevin Rodrigo- National Referee
  • Patrick Violette - National Referee
    RWISOA Professional Referees
  • Jose Carlos Rivero
  • Brian Dunn
  • ​Robert Sibiga
  • Guido Gonzales JR
  • Kevin Morrison
RWISOA National Assessors
  • Joseph Morda - National Assessor
  • Michael Machado- National Assessor
  • David Bork- National Assessor
NISOA Hall of Famers​
  • Gino ¨Pops¨ D´ippolito
RWISOA Chapter Hall of Fame
  • Gino ¨Pops¨ D´ippolito- Lifetime Achievement Award (2018)
  • Gino ¨Pops¨ D´ippolito- Hall of Fame (2018)
  • Maxi Jacobs- Hall of Fame (2018)
  • James Kane- Hall of Fame (2018)
  • Francis Kennelley- Hall of Fame (2019)
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