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TO: College Soccer Officials

FROM: Ryan Cigich, NCAA National Coordinator Soccer Officiating

NCAA Soccer Clarifications

Officials’ Uniform – Rule 5.2

The NCAA recently approved the concept and implementation of a consistent uniform for college soccer officials. The current Rule 5.2 simply states that the officials shall dress in the prescribed jersey and be of the same color and style for all officials. The new rule, which was approved in April 2022, requires all officials to wear the NCAA-established uniform.

The NCAA has formed a Focus Group to provide recommendations on the design, style and color(s) of the required uniform to be worn by officials in all collegiate soccer matches. Focus Group members include: Ryan Cigich, Jennifer Dumaine, Leland Grant, Rich Grady, Nicole Green, Samantha Martinez, James Mayes, Brian Miller, Roger Morton, Manny Ortiz, Eric Proctor, Andie Reyes and Carmen Serbio,

Since the NCAA announced the rules change to Rule 5.2 (Referee Uniform), there have been many questions that have been brought to our attention.


Have one consistent design and style for all of college soccer that’s applicable to all conferences, divisions, associations and regions of the country. It has been determined that there are currently up to 18 different uniforms being worn by officials for college soccer matches. One single look and standard for officials’ uniforms is consistent with other NCAA sports.

What do we know?

There will be a new uniform.

It will be unique to what currently exists in the soccer officiating market.

Design and colors will be intentional and not conflict with most teams (i.e., colors other than black and blue which a lot of teams wear today).

How much will they cost?


When must they be worn for matches?

The current intention will be starting with the 2023 regular season for all collegiate soccer levels.

Will the newofficial uniform include specific shorts and socks?

The NCAA is keenly aware of extra costs associated with purchasing matching shorts and/or socks. The Focus Group will keep this in mind as they finalize a design to ensure a consistent look and feel for the whole uniform.

Will the newuniform change again once it is in use?

The intention of this design change is to provide a long-term solution. The exact timing will be determined at some point in or around the release of the new uniform. Could new colors be added with the same pattern beyond the release date? It’s possible, but not finalized at this time.

What is the timeframe foravailability?

TBD; current plan will be effective for the 2023 season but dependent on many different factors.

Why do we have to buy more uniforms when we just bought new ones within the past 5 years?

To be able to officiate collegiate matches starting in 2023 and beyond, all officials will need to comply with the rule change.

Who is producing the new uniforms?



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