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NCAA Registration

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

NCAA Fall 2022 Registration is open and is free to all NISOA members. Joining through the NCAA central hub on Arbiter Sports allows you to receive access to and be up to date on all postings from NCAA soccer national and regional coordinators. The test and background check will also become available which are mandatory to be considered for NCAA post season assignments, See below the posting from NISOA and attached FAQ. Those members working for MASO are expected to register complete the background check, and take the exam.


NCAA Registration is Here!

Your NISOA Executive board is excited to renew our partnership with the NCAA and ArbiterSports related to services associated with registration. Beginning today, all registered members (and in good standing) with NISOA will be registered with the NCAA for no additional cost. Registration will include the following: access to additional information on the NCAA's Center Circle Hub, free background check, and free registration for NCAA postseason assignments. Additionally, members will be provided expanded insurance coverage that features excess medical insurance related to injuries that occur while traveling to/from matches and during matches. These benefits are exclusive to NISOA members only. Follow the steps below to register with the NCAA for FREE as part of your NISOA membership:

  • Click the link below to begin the NCAA Registration process:

    • NCAA Soccer registration for NISOA members: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

    • No refunds will be available if registration is completed directly through NCAA.

  • After completing the NCAA Soccer (NISOA) registration, NISOA officials will need to complete the background check consent on the NCAA soccer central hub. They may complete it via the ELIGIBILITY Tab on the NCAA Soccer central hub:

    1. Go to the ELIGIBILITY Tab

    2. Click the 2022-2023 Soccer Officials Postseason Eligibilitylink

    3. Click Enroll

    4. Click Register for the 2022-2023 NCAA Soccer Background Check Consent

If you need support with NCAA Registration or Background Check process, please contact ArbiterSports directly at 800-311-4060 or

Download PDF • 73KB


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