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MASO Assigning Turnback Procedure

MASO (Mark Garcia and John Collins) has a new procedure for assignment turnbacks. Please read below. If anyone is looking for a replacement on a game and has no luck, please try reaching out to a board member so we can blast out the request to our chapter before you send in the google form request....

MASO / ECC Soccer Referees:

We are experiencing an extraordinary high volume of matches being turned back after being accepted by officials. As such, we need a better process to ensure that your turn back is appropriately processed. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, the following process will be followed when turning back a match.

1. Complete the Turn Back Request Form at: .

2. Please note that it is expected that you honor your original assignment by making an effort to find a suitable replacement to recommend to us. Work with your local college soccer referee chapter for assistance here as needed. There is a section on the form to recommend available officials to replace you.

3. Email both Mark Garcia and John Collins of the turn back request. Our emails are in Arbiter.

4. Notify your partners on the match that you are turning back the match via email, text or phone.

5. Reminder - you have not been excused from your accepted assignment until you are removed from Arbiter. Please follow up with us as needed.

6. These procedures are not to be followed for matches that you have not accepted on Arbiter. If you have been assigned a match that you can't work, simply decline the match on Arbiter as soon as possible.

7. Please ensure that your blocks / unavailability are updated on Arbiter. Tip: you should double check your blocks / unavailability every time you decline a match. Most of the time, people decline matches because they do not keep their blocks / unavailability up to date on Arbiter. This makes the assigning process really difficult and inefficient for us. At the collegiate level, you are expected to actively manage your administrative responsibilities. That's part of the reason that you get paid the "Big Bucks".

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Anyone with a current request to turn back a match should complete the Google Form as soon as possible.

Yours in Officiating,

John Collins and Mark Garcia


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