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2023 RWISOA Dues

NISOA has opened the registration period for the 2023 season. Dues to be a member of our chapter and NISOA are $170.00 total per member. This fee registers you with NISOA, and also our chapter for full access to insurance, and all other member benefits. NISOA has returned to normal fees now that the Covid-19 disruptions have ended.

Payments must be received by 02/20/2023 or you will be subject to a $50 late fee that NISOA will be charging. Each member pays the chapter directly, and we register you with NISOA.

If any member has decided that they will no longer be officiating college soccer, or retiring from the college game, can you please contact a board member.

Payment options:

Venmo: $170 to @RWISOAINC

Check: $170 Checks payable to RWISOA INC. and mail to: RWISOA INC 1 Castle Court

Thiells, NY 10984-1311

Paypal: Paypal Link ** Due to processing fees charged by paypal, chapter dues by paypal will be $175 per member

Assessor Fees: (Please Add to your amount)

Local Chapter Assessor: $50

Regional Assessor: $60

National Assessor: $70


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