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NOW OPEN: Week 2 NISOA Stimulus Video Quiz Sponsored by the NISOA Foundation Fund

Now Available: Week 2 NISOA Stimulus Video Quiz Sponsored by the NISOA Foundation Fund. This week’s topic: Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity vs. Stopping a Promising Attack. All answer sheets must be submitted by Wendesday April 15th, 2020 by 10pm est. As a reminder, 2 answer choices must be selected for each question; Restart Decision & Misconduct Decision. For Example, if no foul, please select NF, and if no misconduct, please select NC. DO NOT SELECT ********, this is merely a divider between the Restart and the Misconduct section. Restart Decision NF = No Foul, DFK = Direct Free Kick, IDFK = Indirect Free Kick, PK = Penalty Kick; Misconduct Decision NC = No Card, YC = Yellow Card, RC = Red Card After submission, you will receive an confirmation email with your video quiz score. In order to maintain the integrity of the educational initiative, you will not receive a pdf of your answer sheet, indicating which questions were missed. Week 2 review of the Most Missed Questions, NISOA Wall of Champions, and Winners will be announced live on NISOA’s YouTube Channel at 3pm Friday April 17th, 2020. The Wall of Champions are the highest performing weekly members qualifying for placement. Week 1 Wall of Champions includes 34 members receiving perfect video quiz scores. Each Stimulus Video Quiz Analysis + Answer Key, NISOA Wall of Champions, and Recorded Live Announcement can be found at the conclusion of the live announcement on the Stimulus Video Quiz info page on Future post-video quiz information will be made available weekly after the live announcement on NISOA’s YouTube Channel. Recordings of each live announcement will be made available for future viewing on NISOA’s YouTube Channel. Each Video Quiz will be made available to the “Public” on NISOA's YouTube Channel and include the Final Decision + Educational Analysis following the live announcement on NISOA’s YouTube Channel.

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